*A small drum or pair of drums of India tuned to different pitches, And played with the hands.

*Since 18th century, Tabla has been the principle percussion instrument In hindusthani classical music.


  *The Tabla consists of two small drums of slightly different sizes and shapes. Each drum is made of hollowed out wood, clay or metal.

*The smaller drum (DAYAN) is used for creating treble and tonal sounds.

*While the primary function of the larger drum (BAYAN) is for producing bass.

*These drums are laced with hoops, thongs and wooden dowls on its sides. These dowels and hoops are used to tighten the tension of membrane for tuning the drums.


* Usually Tabla heads are made with (GOAT/BUFFALO/CAMEL) skins.

* As the Tabla heads are made by using GOAT & BUFFALO skins, and the straps (HOOPS) are made by using CAMEL skin.

* No Animal was harmed in making this instrument The (GOAT/BUFFALO/CAMEL) that died a natural death are used to make this instrument.

* Incase if there is a lack of CAMEL skin nylon straps are used instead of leather straps (HOOPS).


* The heads of the Tabla has a central area of “tuning paste” Called the SYAHI.

* SYAHI is common in many drums of Indian origins.

* This method allows these drums to produce HARMONIC OVERTONES, And is responsible for their unique sound.

* SYAHI  is constructed using multiple layers of paste made from starch (RICE / WHEAT) mixed with a black powder of various origins.

* The precise construction and shaping of this area is responsible for modification of the drum’s natural overtones, resulting in the clarity of pitch and variety of tonal possibilities unique to this instrument which has a bell like sound. 

* The skill required for the proper construction of this area is highly refined and is the main differentiating factor in the quality of a particular instrument.


1). SOMNATH KAKDE (Pune, Maharashtra, India)               :- : 9822961726

 2). Qasim khan niyazi    (Laxmi Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi)    :-  :9540197401

3). Mehboob ali       (Ramkote, Hyderabad)                              :- : 9885215448

4). Mukta das tabla     (Kolkata…..)                                          :- : 9433025708

5). Akbar miya    (Hydearbad)                                          :- : 9347526339

6). Akbarmiya -2      (Hyderabad,chempapet)                    :- : 9440464434

7). Anwar banaras (Aurangaba, Varanasi)                         :- : 9415295314 , 8808168004

8). Haridas vhatkar  (V. Road, Mumbai)                           :- : 9820891225

9). Prince tabla    (Tilak nagar, Delhi)                               :- : 9211251625

10). Gullu tabla    (Tilaknagar, Delhi)                                :- : 9891445236

11). Jonty tabla    (shyam nagar,Delhi)                             :- : 9871307271

12). Saddam anasari (Delhi….)                                                  :- : 9582365008

13). Deen mohammed (Shakurpur,Delhi)                              :- : 9625089903

14). Niyaz ahmed    (Delhi…)                                                 :- : 9833544134

15). Fancy musicals   (Afzal gunj ,Gowliguda)              : 9849137361

16). Sargam tabla    (Kolkata,Kalighat road)                        :- : 8860039968

17). Imran ali    (Sidhgiribagh,Varanasi)                       :- : 9889487671

18). Ustd mohd. Sharif (Guru ramdas nagar, Delhi)             :- : 9650031117

19). Pallavi musicals  (Gandhinagar,Vijayawada)                 :- : 7660878899

20). Yohan musicals (Naz center, Guntur)                           :- : 9848116755